The purpose of Rocket School is to prepare kids to become digitally-fluent future leaders for a digitally-driven, globally competitive world of work. 

We're solving for:

  • Formal education has never prepared, and still does not, prepare kids for 21st-century life or the rapidly changing world of work. We need to help kids build higher-order thinking skills such as resilience, critical thinking, problem-solving, insight, design thinking, innovation, effective collaboration (both face-to-face and virtually) and the 10 World Economic Forum 4IR skills set. 

  • School curricula do not provide digital literacy or preparation for living and working in a digital world. The new understanding of functional competence to participate in the world has evolved beyond the 3Rs to include digital literacy (i.e. understanding the fundamentals of hardware, software and digital process), coding and design thinking.

  • The radical change in the way we do things in the context of 4IR has now been accelerated and further metamorphosised by COVID19. 

  • The adults that young people have traditionally relied on to guide their development are not as competent as they may have been to do this effectively because they too are learning to cope with a new world. So, parents, teachers, youth leaders and employers are less equipped to help in the short/medium term. Young people have higher levels of challenge and lower levels of support than any previous generation that was not at war.

  • COVID19 will result in the exclusion of young people from economy until some sort of economic and employment stability is restored. Young people face a fierce level of competition for a space in the economy. Children and youth will need to be more resilient and self-reliant than their parents for some time.

Rocket School is on a mission to provide an important component of a constructive reaction to the situation, a way to help future-proof children, and build empathetic, collaborative and imaginative leaders.