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When it comes to identifying the educational benefits of role playing for children (all humans really) they are too many to enumerate. That is probably because role playing is a tool for learning, whether intentionally or as a by product of getting together with a group of people ostensibly for the purpose of just having fun.

Role playing is like escaping into the best novel that has never been written, and taking on the role of one of the protagonists, guiding their moral decisions, solving challenges they face, collaboratively and from the perspective of someone else you’re forced to empathise with as you slip into their shoes, skin and mind for a few moments.

Role playing allows players to deal with issues through allegory, dealing with issues of race between goblins and gnomes comes with no preconceived bias, or dealing with body shaming because one’s tusks are too small as an orcish lass, or gender identity among mythical creatures.

All this and more, such as learning ratios, odds, fractions and percentages with the rolling of polyhedral dice, or time management when pressured to take only one action before allowing the other players and characters in the scenario to act. And on the topic of those other players, all of which are grappling with identifying with the role they have taken on, they are now your team mates and only though collaboration with them will your band of intrepid heroes live to see another dungeon maze, dragon’s lair, future wasteland, alternate reality…