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Rocket School runs online, real-time, facilitator-led, learning, exploring, adventuring and collaborating sessions that kids love.



Creative thinking. Team work. Problem solving. Making calculated decisions. Following instructions. Great teacher. Well structured. Kids completely engaged.

Hélène Fries, Germany

I really like the events you are organizing, especially the role-playing games. They are really fun; I enjoy playing with children from around the world. The game masters are awesome!

Pablo, 7 yrs old, Switzerland

We discovered the Rocket School one year ago and we are delighted to have tried various programs: design thinking for kids, role-playing games, coding sessions, survival and leopard preservation program…

Pablo's favorite is definitely the role-playing games. Every game is a new adventure where he has fun, cultivates creativity and develops social and problem-solving skills. These activities are broadening the children's digital horizon and preparing them for the future challenges.

Alma and Daniel Rubio, Switzerland

Very positive! He enjoyed the interaction on ALL THREE days, and looked forward to them. I thought there might be some resistance to it (being perceived as "educational" ... which he has had a gut full of with online learning) but it was fun and interactive and the technology worked smoothly. That was particularly impressive.

Gillian Atwood, South Africa

Thank you Rocket School!!! It was SUPER cool to learn awesome skills like coding and by playing role-playing games. but my favourite part was making new friends from all over the world. I've also been able to use some of what I learned in design thinking for some of my homework projects for school. Rock on Rocket School!!!

Raphy, 12, Germany

The interactive nature of the game left my daughter recharged and excitedly looking forward to the following days session.

Diakolo Neo, Botswana

Very well facilitated - great interaction and enthusiasm.

Tara Huckle, New Zealand

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